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Wellness Packages

Get Chiropractic care for your chronic conditions or just maintain your health through our wellness plans. You can get wellness care for as low as $23.00 per visit. (contact our office for more information)

Once purchased they can be used for any member of your immediate (dependent) family and will not expire before you use them.

We will continue to be preferred providers for all area insurance and we will bill your insurance for your initial visits, new injuries and acute conditions.

When insurance no longer covers your care; you have affordable options.

Iehl Chiropractic on Covid-19

Iehl Chiropractic continues to be open with normal business hours during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The health of our patients is always our top priority. In an effort to help control the spread of Covid-19 we are sanitizing hard surfaces, door handles, computer screens, pens and the adjusting table between patients. In addition we have hand sanitizer available for your use once you enter the office.

We ask that if you are sick to please stay home and isolate.

If you are an at-risk individual that needs to be seen please call the office to set a time where we can insure no other patients and limited staff will be in the office at the time of your visit.

We look forward to continuing to care for our existing patients as well as any new patients through this stressful time keeping your health at its optimum.

To find out more on Covid-19 go to:

Covid-19 Information:

COVID-19 Overview (CDC)

General Advice on Covid-19 (World Health Organization)