Thompson Drop Table in River Falls WI

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Dr. Iehl uses many adjusting techniques to care for his patients in River Falls WI. He utilizes the Thompson technique most often and for good reason.

The Thompson Technique is a full-spine chiropractic adjusting technique that uses a high-velocity, low amplitude, adjusting procedure using a drop table to assist in the correction of vertebral subluxation. Using the drop table allows the doctor to use less force, decreasing doctor fatigue and making it more comfortable and easier on the patient.

Thompson Drop Table in River Falls WI

Dr. Iehl uses a Hi-Lo version of the segmental drop table. With this table the patient stands at the base of the table and the table then lays the person down placing them in the correct position for evaluation. This Hi-Lo design is a great help with patients in pain or physically unable to get on and off a horizontal table easily.

Dr. Iehl was fortunate enough to be instructed on the Thompson Technique by Dr. Wayne Zemelka while attending Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Zemelka was an understudy for many years with

Dr. J. Clay Thompson the originator of the technique. Here is a brief history of the development of the technique as told by Dr. Zemelka.

History of the Thompson Technique

The Thompson Technique utilizes a "Segmental Drop Table" to enhance the motion force imparted towards the segment or area to be Adjusted. Dr. Thompson introduced the concept of adding motion by inventing a headpiece that would drop away as the adjustive thrust was applied to the vertebral segment. He was granted a patent in 1955 on his concept and thusly was born the Palmer-Thompson drop headpiece. Since the new idea was such a success Dr. Clay then went on to invent a table with drop pieces for adjusting the dorsal, lumbar and pelvic area. this came about in 1957 and from there the rest is history. Today there are numerous manufacturers of drop-piece tables used around the world.

The "Segmental Drop System" takes advantage of the spine's inherent design of the joints in order to move the spinal segment in the direction that will improve the motion of the segment with the one above and below. It just makes good sense that since the spinal joints face front to back and have an incline that slopes more naturally backwards that we can effect increased motion by applying an adjustment from P to A, (Posterior to Anterior) and with an inferior to superior line of correction. The majority of the spinal adjusting utilizing the Thompson Technique has the patient lying prone. (face down.) This is the basis for Dr. Clay's theory of proper spinal adjusting and the driving force that lead him to invent the drop table.

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