Chiropractic Testimonials

"After just a couple adjustments, I have been feeling so much better. I have had a pain in my lower back for about ten years and it is completely gone. It has made such a difference for me."

- Kaylene A.

"Dr. Iehl has been my chiro for over 23 years. I have gone to the office hunched over and dragging a leg and came out of the office upright and walking normal, literally. He has a great cash/bulk visit package that beats insurance rates."

- Scott R.

"Dr. Iehl is great chiropractor, I came to him almost in tears and walking slowly due to my pain. I am grateful for his help. I'm walking normally and I'm more active, due to his help. I truly recommend him to anyone who is experiencing pain."

- Stella B.

"Dr. Iehl explains his techniques while doing them so you know what's going on. Very friendly and seems very knowledgeable in the field. My back had been giving me problems, and after only one appointment it began feeling better. Definitely recommend Dr. Iehl!"

- Angel H.


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