Techniques Used in River Falls WI

Chiropractor River Falls WI Timothy H. Iehl

Dr. Iehl is able to use numerous chiropractic techniques and create a care plan specific to your needs here at our clinic in River Falls WI.

Some of the techniques Dr. Iehl frequently uses in River Falls WI include:

  • Thompson drop table maneuvers
  • Diversified techniques
  • Gonstead - side posture and cervical chair maneuvers
  • Activator methods
  • SOT Blocking
  • Logan Basic
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Extremity adjusting

In addition to being proficient in numerous chiropractic adjusting techniques, Dr. Iehl is certified by the Upledger institute to perform CranioSacral Therapy. He has taken CranioSacral I and CranioSacral II so he can treat your needs completely. To find out more about CranioSacral Therapy visit the Upledger Institute web site.

In addition to these adjusting techniques Dr. Iehl may utilize some additional therapies to help you heal faster.

Some of these additional therapies may include:

  • Soft tissue massage and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Manual muscle traction
  • Interferential therapy (electric stim)
  • Intersegmental therapy (roller table)
  • Low level Laser (Cold Laser)
  • Ice/Heat
  • Nutritional recommendations


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